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Welcome Home

Life is Good Cartagena is located in the Getsemani neighbourhood of downtown Cartagena. Walking distance to many of the city's plazas, shopping areas, cafes, clubs...among others, our hostel offers a prime location for visitors. You can choose from a selection of shared or private rooms, enjoy our upstair's jacuzzi and terrace, dine at our restaurant Local Typical colombian food, or just sit down and relax!

Services offered



Offered daily - $150,000 COP (1.5 hrs) 

Our in-house chef with over 15 years of culinary experience leads the class in both Spanish and English.

Through these cooking classes, we will give to our guests and visitors the opportunity to experience the unique combination of Aboriginal- Afro - Spanish cooking style, which is delicious, organic and rich in history and traditions. We are proudly offering the opportunity to experience a hands-on culinary lesson that will be delicious and unforgettable!


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