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Our in-house chef with over 15 years of culinary experience leads the class in both Spanish and English. At Life is Good Cartagena Hostel, we celebrate Colombian culture through our cooking classes, offering a blend of Aboriginal-Afro-Spanish cuisine. Join us for a hands-on lesson for a delicious and unforgettable experience!

Duration: 1.5 hours (Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the starting time) 

Capacity: 4 people


At the beginning of the class, we start with the description of all the ingredients that we will be using, while talking about the history of the dish, why it is popular and how normally it is presented in our country. You will be peeling, cutting and seasoning all the ingredients in the traditional Colombian way. Every person will have the opportunity to bake, boiled or deep-fry their food. As a part of our experience, we will teach you how to prepare an entree, a main dish, and a refreshing lemonade . The class will be conducted in both, English and Spanish, with a musical background that harmonizes and integrates what you are learning with the cultural and historical context of the dish. by the end of our class, you will enjoy a full meal that not only will be delicious but also an unforgettable memory of your Colombian trip.


The guest can each choose between different menu options, including vegetarian ones, and we will teach them how to prepare them.


Regular menu

1. Shrimp rice with fried plantains.

2. Garlic shrimp and fried plantains.

3. Filling corn cake/Arepas rellenas (fillings of chicken, beef, caribbean: shrimp and sausage, or vegetarian). If you pick this option, you can choose two different flavors.

4. Steak of Bass fish (you have to choose one sauce: spicy, coconut milk with vegetables or garlic). It comes with coconut rice and fried plantains.

5. Fried basket plantain (4) with shrimp in caribbean or garlic sauce.

Vegetarian menu

1. Eggplant Parmeggiana with plantains, cheese and hogao sauce.
2. Pumpkins rings with vegetables and tomato puree.
3. Chickpea tortilla with vegetables sauce, coconut rice and fried plantains.
4. Pumpkins puree with hogao sauce and plantains chips.
5. Grilled eggplants with onions on a bed of lettuce.
6. Caribbean Ratatouille: eggplant, zucchini, tomato, carrot, onion with hogao sauce; optional mozzarella cheese.

At the end of the class, we offer you a typical dessert and beverage.

If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies, let us know :)


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